Moldovan Premier Participates in Donating Medication to Oncology Institute in Chisinau

By obtaining lawful recognition, license and license annex from the government of the Republic Moldova in 2007, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to supply high quality drugs and medication to the global market. The products at Balkan Pharmaceuticals are known for their quality around the world. With a motive of service to mankind, the highly trained and richly experienced professionals at Balkan Pharmaceuticals formulate a host of pharmaceuticals across the world. These professionals not only enhance the quality of pharmaceuticals but also engage themselves in developing and testing to manufacture the best products. The company had recently organized a medical event and donated a consignment of medication worth 7.099 million lei to the Chisinau based Oncology Institute. Vlad Filat, the Prime Minister of the Republic Moldova, also participated in the ceremony.

The main purpose of the medication donation was to provide free treatment to patients at the Oncology Institute and other hospitals. Health Minister Vladimir Hotineanu thanked Balkan Pharmaceuticals for the donation and said, “The oncology pathology is one of the most spread in Moldova and the treatment is costly. On this ground, the offered medicines are very necessary and welcome”.

Silviu Chiru, A manager of Balkan Pharmaceutical Ltd, asserted that the medication will help in treating the patients efficiently. He further said that the company really wants to assist those suffering from oncology disease. Prime Minister Vlad Filat also thanked the pharmaceutical company for its donation and remarked that that the company gave a ray of hope to people at risk. He said, "Moldova goes through a difficult period, and unfortunately, with poor budgetary possibilities. Therefore, such a gesture is not only welcome, but also helpful."

Commenting on the doctors at Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the Prime Minister said, "You give hope to Moldova's residents by your work and we are grateful to you for this.”

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